Vendor Spotlight: Mr. Woodburner

Kurt Huntley received his first woodburning kit from his grandmother for his 8th Christmas, but the story didn’t have a happy ending. When Kurt burned his twin’s ear with the woodburner, his kit was confiscated by the grownups. Over a decade later, a trip to Gatlinburg renewed Kurt’s interest in woodburning, thanks to an artist … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Mr. Woodburner

Vendor Spotlight: Fox & Flora

Ashton Boehman creates art on the daily.  She’s working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, so though she started out making soaps as a hobby, she has dreams of becoming even more of a presence at markets and festivals when she graduates.  Combining her soap-making skills with her art is sure to guarantee her … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Fox & Flora

Vendor Spotlight: Diann Parr

Diann Parr sold her family-owned and -operated business, Hometown Gift & Variety, in March of this year, but she’s bringing everything she learned in the business to her Market creations. Diann made crafts to sell in the store, and now that she is ‘retired,’ she continues to craft with her sister, Tammy. “Now we have … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Diann Parr