Musician Spotlight: Ryan Lynton

Ryan Lynton will be performing at Backroads Market October 7, 2017

While you shop the talented vendors at  Backroads Market on October 7, those lovely sounds in the background will be the amazing musicians who have agreed to spend the day entertaining you.

We love them all, but this week we want to tell you about Ryan Lynton, Singer-Guitarist Extraordinaire.

Spotlight: Ryan Lynton

Ryan is a singer-songwriter who aspires to spread the word of Jesus through his music.  He was encouraged by his youth pastor to be in the praise band in high school and from there has continued to love contemporary Christian music.  He started out playing bass guitar, but his love of music has led him to learn and play new instruments.

Ryan Lynton will be performing at Backroads Market October 7, 2017

Ryan is extremely passionate about Jesus.  His favorite music lets him sing about that passion.  At Backroads Market, he will cover some popular favorites from other artists he admires.  His current favorites include Worthy of Your Name by Passion Conference, Be Kind to Yourself by Andrew Peterson, and Where We Go From Here by Jason Gray.  But he admits it was hard to pick just three.

Even cooler?  You’re going to get hear some of Ryan’s original songs.

For inspiration to write those songs, Ryan enjoys driving down the road in silence.  For him, that “is the best songwriting time. I know that sounds weird! But I am completely focused at that time with no distractions.”  We can’t blame him, many blog posts and art ideas happen in the car, too.

Ryan Lynton will be performing at Backroads Market October 7, 2017

Ryan is looking forward to sharing his music with people who haven’t heard it yet at the Market.  For this incredible musician, the best thing is getting to share what God has gifted him with in a community of other people.

Ryan shared this story with us about playing in public:

One time I started playing in the wrong key than the rest of the band. I had to stop the whole thing completely and start over. Yikes!

He promises to try not to repeat the mistake at the Market.

You can find Ryan online at  Ryan Lynton Music.  Follow him on Facebook for up-to-date news and information.

So come to Backroads Market on October 7.  Enjoy Ohio River views, shop our amazing vendors, eat some good food, and listen to Ryan’s sweet sounds as you do.  We can’t wait to enjoy his music.

See you there!





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