Vendor Spotlight: Heart of Glass by Jan

Jan Ashabranner has been a maker all her life.  But it wasn’t until last year when she visited a market herself that she found her true calling.  Lucky for us art-loving buyers, she saw someone at that market making art from broken glass.  After watching for a few minutes, she realized she could make art like that.  And Heart of Glass by was born.

Heart of Glass by Jan features artistic pieces made from broken glass

Heart of Glass products

Heart of Glass by Jan features artistic pieces made from broken glass

Jan started out by breaking bottles to make her beautiful art, but she has since moved on to buying scrap glass to feed her addiction. She is inspired by the variety of colors and making something out of the glass pieces she comes up with is what excites her about the process.  Working full time keeps her from creating art as much as she’d like, but she’s only been at this for a few months, so we have faith that eventually she’ll get there.

Heart of Glass by Jan features artistic pieces made from broken glass

Look at those gorgeous pieces.  Can you believe she’s only been doing this a few months?!

She’s already gotten experience under her belt, though.  Here’s what she tells us about a recent market:

 I had a show a couple months ago. They put me on a hill. I make old bowling balls into gazing balls. I was pre-knee surgery and hy husband was post-stroke (he is fine). Well, this 20 pound bowling ball went rolling downhill headed for some cars all I could do was gasp along with several others. Thankfully my husband ran and caught up with it before it hit a car. After it was over we all laughed! 

Heart of Glass by Jan features artistic pieces made from broken glass

Jan, we’ll do our best not to put you on a hill.

Heart of Glass has given Jan something meaningful and fun to do. And her husband appreciates what she does. He thought making art from glass would be easy, so he tried it.  He only lasted 5 minutes before he decided he didn’t have the  patience. Jan?  She already knew that.

Jan listens to contemporary Christian music while she creates her good stuff, so she’ll really enjoy musician Ryan Lynton when he plays at Backroads Market. Her favorite CD right now is Zach Williams’ Chain Breaker.  She’s well on her way to wearing it out.  She says, “His words are so meaningful and of course the instrumental part is good  too!  To The Table is one of my favorite songs. I relate my work to the chorus: ‘Bring it all to the table/ It’s nothing he ain’t see before/ For all your sin, all your sorrow and your sadness/ There’s a savior and he calls/ Bring it all to the table.’ 

“I relate pieces of glass it to life: we are all broken, sharp or rough around the edges. God picks us up and puts us back together. He has given me the gift of doing that with glass.”

Heart of Glass by Jan features artistic pieces made from broken glass

Jan’s favorite art to create is old windows and scenes with trees.  You can see why.  She rocks them.  Of course, she loves working with all the different colors of the leaves.  These are also a customer favorite.  They’re certainly among ours.

At Backroads Market, Jan can’t wait to get out and meet new people and see what they make.  For her, it’s really cool to see everyone’s talents. She gets new ideas just watching people in the crowds. She’s still new enough to feel awkward about selling something she made, but we know the truth–Jan is a truly talented artist whose pieces are an inspiration to us.  And should be hanging in our homes.

We can’t wait to get our hands on them at the Market.

See you there!

P.S. You can get to know Jan early by visiting her Facebook page.

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