Vendor Spotlight: Unique Antiques Jewelry

Unique Antiques Jewelry started just before last Christmas. Jessica Grubb was a broke single mom of 3 trying to figure out how she was going to buy presents for her kids and still be able to give gifts to the rest of her family. She had seen spoon rings on Pinterest and loved them.  So this creative mama found some .925 sterling silver spoons on eBay and ended up making spoon rings for her Mom, her sister-in-law, and her son’s girlfriend.

Easy as that, a business started.  Jessica made a few more rings and worked up the nerve to post them for sale on some Facebook  sites.  As you can probably guess, people loved them.

Unique Antiques Jewelry is one of the talented vendors that will attend Backroads Market in Leavenworth, Indiana on October 7, 2017

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Antique silverware  sparks Jessica’s creativity. She says, “Some of it is just absolutely gorgeous! The craftsmanship and detail is something you just don’t see in today’s jewelry, let alone our modern silverware! Many of the pieces are monogrammed with initials or a name or a message and many times a date like ’05.”  And no, that doesn’t mean 2005. More than likely  it means 1905 or  even been 1805! Why it gets her creativity going?  In her words, “If only we knew the story behind every piece and knew where and when it was from….”

Making and selling jewelry has given Jessica a new appreciation for handmade items. Never having owned or used a drill or Dremel until she started making jewelry, she’s put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making beautiful works of art, and she admits it’s been a trial and error process.

When she’s creating her magnificent jewelry, Jessica listens to anything from Rap to Classic Country to Heavy Metal. Music motivates her. Some days, she gets home from her full-time job and just feels too wiped out to work on jewelry. So she heads to the garage and turns on some music, turns it up, and forgets how tired and grouchy she was just minutes before.  Without fail, she’s soon in full jewelry-making mode.

We get it.  Totally.

Unique Antiques Jewelry is one of the talented vendors that will attend Backroads Market in Leavenworth, Indiana on October 7, 2017

Jessica’s least favorite pieces to make, rings and bracelets, are also her favorite pieces to wear.  So even though it’s a lot of work, she keeps right on making them.  Her spoon rings are her still her best-sellers–she can barely keep them in stock.  She says,  “They were popular 40+ years ago, so when people see them they get excited. I’ve heard the line ‘I used to have a spoon ring….’ many, many times.”

Unique Antiques Jewelry is one of the talented vendors that will attend Backroads Market in Leavenworth, Indiana on October 7, 2017

One day, her 14-year-old son asked her, “Mom, does anyone even buy your jewelry?” Jessica had a feeling he was thinking she was just crazy and making it for fun.

There’s a lesson here for all our kids.  Jessica wants to show her kids that they can accomplish way more than what they give themselves credit for.  A year ago, she had no idea she could make jewelry, and never in her wildest dreams thought people would actually pay money for something she made with her own two hands. Other than having her 3 kids, she considers it her biggest accomplishment.  She’s proud of herself for going outside her comfort zone and doing something new, and we here at Backroads Market are proud of her, too.  And we can’t wait to get our hands on that beautiful jewelry!

For Jessica, the most rewarding thing about making jewelry is when she gets messages from people saying they love their new ring or necklace or bracelet. She also loves having return customers. “It feels good knowing I’ve made someone happy with my jewelry,” she tells us. “I’ve said from the very beginning that if I could afford to make the jewelry and just give it to girls and women for free then that’s what I would do!”

Jessica is really excited to come to Backwoods Market October 7.  She says she knows the Leavenworth area is beautiful, and since we (oh, so intelligently) invited her to Backwoods Market while she was a vendor at another show, she’s looking forward to meeting all kinds of new people and seeing what new opportunities will come her way.

You can find Jessica’s distinctive jewelry and keep up with her on her Facebook page and Instagram account, but you have to come to the Market on October 7 to see it in person and get a real appreciation for all this good stuff.

See you there!

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