Spotlight: Behind the Scenes at Backroads Market

A behind-the-scenes look at Backroads Market

We love spotlighting the people involved in Backroads Market beyond just the three of us.  Sure, we work hard to make each Market an event to remember, but there are plenty of people who work behind the scenes with us to make Backroads Market a success.

The next Market is coming up fast.  We’re doing a 2-day event for spring on May 11 & 12.  Some of our prior vendors will be there with new wares, but there will be plenty of new vendors to tempt you as well.  We’ll be spotlighting them as we lead up to the big day, so you’ll have a chance to get to know them before you come out and spend your Friday or Saturday (or both!) with us.

In the meantime, we want to tell you about all the people who work in the background to create a successful event.

The Town of Leavenworth

The Leavenworth Town Council always lends its support to Backroads Market

Town Council President Whitney Timberlake (or, as we like to call him, Mayor Whitney) and his fellow council members, Josh Williams and Herschel Smith have been super supportive of Backroads Market from the start. And since we have to get their permission to hold the Market, that is a very good thing.

According to Mayor Whitney, “We were thrilled to have Backroads Market with us in the fall and are excited to have them come back in the spring. It was a great environment, with nice size crowds and everyone having a good time. It was also great for local businesses as they had new customers coming in to experience our great little town!”

We like that.  A lot. A big part of our mission is to give back to our town.  We appreciate the council even more than they appreciate what we do.

Town Marshall Jim Uland provides security at Backroads Market

Town Marshall Jim Uland and his team provide security for the Market, helping us keep our shoppers and our vendors safe.  Jim and his deputies, Jared Conrad and Justin Lutz, selflessly watch over the site, going so far as to stay onsite overnight to keep things safe.

Utility Superintendent Jeff Lahue is the mover and shaker who helps us get the site ready.  He does the mowing and maintenance that shape up the Lock & Dam Historical park so it’s ready come Market time.  He’s also kind enough to answer all our questions, no matter how outlandish.

Local Help

Our volunteers help us do everything from overseeing parking to carrying large items for shoppers to taking photographs of the event.

Amy Hill is the photographer for Backroads Market

Amy Hill is our resident photographer.  She took such incredible photos of the Fall 2017 Market, and we are eternally grateful for her.  Without her, we couldn’t document the fantastic awesomeness that is Backroads Market.

Also, we love this pic of her having fun with 2/3 of our team.

The Crawford County Keystone Club volunteers at Backroads Market to help with All The Things

The Keystone Club of Crawford County is a great bunch of kids who volunteered to help and were up for absolutely anything.  We seriously could not have made it through the Fall Market without them.  They helped shoppers park.  They ran the holding booth.  They helped at the gate.  They stuck around and helped us clean up.

In short, they were  When we say we wouldn’t have gotten through it without them, we mean it with all our hearts.

When you come out to Backroads Market on May 11 & 12, you’ll be likely to meet all of these super people in person.  Thank them, if you get the chance.  Without them, Backroads Market would not be the same.

See you there!

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