Vendor Spotlight: Glassy Creations

Glassy Creations will have all her incredible garden art for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, IN on May 11 & 12

“Crafting is relaxing for me,” Margie Delph says.  “I love junking to find unique or pretty items to use.”

And we love her for loving it.  Because she makes some of the cleverest, most beautiful garden art we’ve ever seen.

Glassy Creations started out of Margie’s love of crafting for herself.  She had a collection of glassware and decided to use it make permanent decorations for her flower gardens. She eventually made glass flowers, mushrooms, bird feeders, and dragonflies but her first craft was a teapot pouring tea into a cup and saucer.

Lucky for us, she was proud enough of the finished product to  share it on Facebook.  Of course her family and friends loved it, too, and wanted one of their own. So she made more.

My sister-in-law said she was stealing my teapot n teacup from my yard,” Margie tells us.  “I made her one and told her leave mine alone.”

Don’t worry, she’s still making more.  And they rock.

Because inspiration is easy to come by. “I’m usually on the lookout for interesting pieces of glassware for my next project.  I like the idea of taking items people no longer use or like, then turning them into a new enjoyable piece.    I never make two pieces alike.  What I craft depends upon what I start with. Sometimes, I change my mind several times before it’s done or I’m happy with it.”

That means when you buy one of Margie’s creations, you’re buying a one-of-a-kind.

Crafting isn’t Margie’s only talent.  A musician herself, she appreciates all music.  She plays several instruments and has taught many students. Crafting is just another way for her to feel creative.  And crafting means she gets to gift her creations to family and friends who know she made those beautiful pieces just for them.

Glassy Creations will have all her incredible garden art for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, IN on May 11 & 12

Margie’s  favorite thing to make is the teapots and teacups.   While her customers seem to like everything and tend to buy several items, the lighted watering pots and vases are very popular. (We admit, they make us swoon.)

Stop by Glassy Creations on Market Day, May 11 & 12, and you’ll be swooning, too.  Especially if you’re an avid gardener like Margie.


See you there!

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