Vendor Spotlight: Birkat Adonai Farm

Birkat Adonai Farm will have their essential oils, goat milk soaps, and more for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, IN on May 11 & 12, 2018

Birkat Adonai Farm is a friendly affair. It all started when  Ruth Ann & Dennis Watson were struggling to keep their goats in hay.  They decided to sell their liquid goat milk soap at their local farmer’s market to help with the cost.  One art show invitation later, they were in business.

Making safe and effective insect repellent for their daughters helped the Watsons find a passion for essential oils, and they quickly incorporated quality oils into the business.

Arielle Hummel, whom you’ll meet at Backroads Market on May 11 & 12, just happened to attend the same church as the Watsons.  When Ruth Ann mentioned needing some help with the business, Arielle volunteered.  She soon became involved in the entire process, including pouring oils and mixing.  It wasn’t long before Ruth Ann asked her to help out at an artisan show.

“It was love at first show,” Arielle tells us.

Ruth Ann says her creativity is sparked through helping people.  For Arielle, it’s meeting people and finding the perfect all-natural product that will help them and their families.

And we have to be glad for that, because those goat milk soaps… Heavenly.

Ruth Ann loves running her own business because, “We have flexibility to take care of the things that are most important in our lives, like our children and family. We can also help others as the need arises.” The women and men that work with them and their  customers also create a happy place in Ruth Ann’s business world.

The worst part for Ruth Ann?  Maintaining the website and accounting.

We can all commiserate.

Birkat Adonai Farm will have their essential oils, goat milk soaps, and more for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, IN on May 11 & 12, 2018

Ruth Ann’s best memories of her business are of her daughters when they were younger. The girls loved attending shows with the Watsons, and they had a special way of entertaining themselves. “They would make hideouts under the tables, to play or sleep in,” Ruth Ann says, “I used to love to lift the tablecloths and see them in their hideaways.”

Family and friends, y’all.  Makes for a successful business every  time.

Of Birkat Adonai’s products, Ruth says, “I have many favorites, but my top two are  the Nature First Insect Repellent and the essential oils. Arielle adds that her favorite oils include the Nsama blend, peppermint, French lavendar, and orange.

Customer favorites are include essential oils, insect repellent, and the cool-it body spritzer.  We got a whiff of all this good stuff at the Christmas Pop-Up show, and we can tell you they are divine.

You can find out more about Birkat Adonai Farm on their website and Facebook page.

In the meantime, Arielle is looking forward to meeting the other talented vendors and shoppers at the Spring Backroads Market.  She says, “This will be BA Farm’s first spring show with Backwoods Market and we appreciate the invitation! We love supporting other locally owned small businesses from Kentuckiana.”

So make sure you stop by and say hello!

See you there!

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