Vendor Spotlight: Gypsy and the Dog

Gypsy and the Dog will have their unique concert flannels and hand-stamped bracelets for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, IN on May 11 & 12, 2018

Kris Bustin has been in the antiques business for decades.  In fact, she’s had a booth at an antique mall for all that time besides participating in markets like Backroads.

Gypsy and the Dog grew out of Kris’s desire to learn how to make cool clothes for herself. She had a ton of vintage concert tees (and how cool is that?)  that had never been worn, so she thought of a way to restyle them. Soon after, she added hand-stamped bracelets for accessories.

She’s cool like that.

Kris aims to keep her business and her booth light-hearted and fun.  She finds creativity from her customers, who lighten up her life when they stop by.  Just don’t go all serious on her. For Kris, “The very best thing about having my own business is when people laugh and have a good time looking at the things I created.”  So bring a smile with you when you stop to look at Kris’s incredible creations at the Market.

And if you have a backstage-at-a concert-story?  Be sure to share it with Kris.  “I love it when women my age and older tell me wild stories about their encounters backstage with rock stars and country stars,” she tells us. “Now they’re grandmas, and you’d never suspect they were a former groupie!”

As you may imagine, Kris always has rock music blaring while she works.   Van Halen’s song  Right Now really inspires her.  I mean, that lyric, “Catch a magic moment/ do it right here and now/ It means everything…”

Yeah, that one gets us pumped, too.

If you’re not already wowed by Kris’s cool factor, the clincher is that Gypsy and the Dog is a family affair.  Her mom is the seamstress, her husband helps load & carry and in all other aspects of the business, her daughter-in-law helps with sales, her son takes care of the homefront while she’s doing shows, and her 3 year old grandbaby loves to come to shows with her.  That kind of support really helps make a business, and Kris is grateful for it.

Kris’s favorite products are the bracelets that make people laugh. And watching a customer find the perfect concert flannel that brings back a flood of happy memories is one of the best parts of being at a show for her.

You can follow Kris on Instagram, but be sure and come see her at the Market on May 11 & 12.  She says, “I am so excited to be at Backroads Market. The setting is great and Tina is one of the nicest!”

That’s what they all say, Kris. 😉

Abby is also one of the nicest.

You can vote on who is nicest if you want.

See you there!



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