Vendor Spotlight: Anne Reinhardt Scott

Anne Reinhardt Scott will have gorgeous upcycled coffee bags for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, IN on May 11 & 12, 2018

Ladies, are you ready for this?  *queue cheer music*

Anne Reinhardt Scott makes absolutely divine bags from recycled or upcycled burlap, jute, and hemp.

She says, “The first time I saw a coffee bag, I noticed the amazing art and appreciated the strength” of the materials. She began to explore uses such as farmer’s market bags, linings such as washable cottons or water-resistant materials, and how to make the bags attractive.

And, oh, my friends, did she score.

Anne looks at high-end designers and trends and applies their concepts to burlap.  I mean, can you even?  She takes customer input, too, so if there’s something you’d like to see in one of these unique, durable bags, make sure to let her know.

Anne loves balancing production of her bags and time with her family, but it makes her heart especially happy when returning customers tell her how much they love and use their bags.  (Believe me, ladies, once you buy one, you will totally be a returning customer.)

And how cool is this?  On several occasions, Anne’s customers have reported seeing strangers in airports all over the US carrying a similar coffee bag tote. How fun to realize that Anne was the designer for both the bag you’re carrying and the one you saw at a distant airport!  Anne tells us, “My favorite product is the one that stops people and makes them exclaim, ‘That’s cool!’ or ‘I’m from… [a coffee growing country].'”

Anne tells us that the creative process and her success are what truly make her happy.  Of her home life, she says, “Happy wife, happy life.”

We know that’s right.

Anne is looking forward to Backroads Market on May 11 & 12 in order to meet new people and show them a cool new way to see burlap. “There aren’t many people who make what I do,” she says, “so customers are always curious about my products.”

You can follow Anne on Facebook and Instagram, but make sure to come out on Market Day.  Anne might even hug you if you bring along some Ed Sheeran or Snow Patrol for her to listen to.

She’s cool like that.

See you there!

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