Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas will have handmade children's clothing for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, Indiana on October 6, 2018

Vicki Lindgren has been sewing since the age of 15.  She made nearly all of the clothing for her three daughters as they were growing up as well as her own.  Having learned to do English smocking when her girls were small, she continued the tradition by making lots of clothing for her grandchildren.

When Vicki lost her husband in 2005, all of her daughters were married with children of their own and living in other states. She found herself alone with time on her hands.

“I decided I would start my own business making smocked heirloom clothing for children,” Vicki says. “My husband was proud of my sewing, and I felt by starting a small business I was honoring him.”

Honoring her husband is just part of Vicki’s reason for creating her beautiful pieces. She also has a deep and abiding love of textiles that comes shining through when she talks about them.

“I love, love, love fiber arts,” she tells us. “I knit, crochet, weave and sew.  Put me in a fabric store and I am nearly delirious.”  In fact, Baer Fabrics became a place of solace for her after her husband’s death. “One day while walking the store, I decided to inquire if they were hiring.  They were, and I was hired.  I worked at Baer’s until they went out of business.  Later, I worked at Hancock Fabrics until they, too, went out of business.  Now, I work part time at JoAnn Fabrics.  I’m daily inspired by the fabric but most of all in talking to other seamstresses and fiber artists.  I come home inspired to sew.”

Yeah, you want a piece made by this incredible woman who inspires us with her love her art. Each item is inexpensively priced and created with love and prayers in a smoke-free, pet-free home.

Vicki loves making hand-smocked bishop dresses for little girls.  “My daughters and grandchildren always got at least three years wear out of a bishop dress,” she says.  Bishop dresses do not have a set-in sleeve and a true bishop always has a five-inch hem.  “As my girls grew, I’d let out the hem…  The girls looked regal in their bishop dresses with their slip–a lady ALWAYS wears a slip–and Mary Jane shoes.”

Vicki’s pieces are always special, but her crocheted blankets have the staying power. “The blankets I crochet are large blankets.  I don’t like small blankets that have to be wrapped tightly in order to cover all of the baby.  A month or so ago, a woman that had been my hairdresser several years ago contacted me asking if I still made baby blankets.  I’d made one for her when she was pregnant with her first child.  That child is 11.  He’d carried the blanket everywhere until his brother confiscated it.  The brother was now five and still loved the blanket which was wearing thin.”  In another sweet story, Vicki tells us that one mother was able to actually put aside her daughter’s much-loved blanket so it could one comfort the daughter’s own baby.

Sweet Peas will have handmade children's clothing for sale at Backroads Market in Leavenworth, Indiana on October 6, 2018

If you want that kind of quality, you’ve got to come see Vicki for Market Day on October 6. Because she makes these adorable infant and child crown headbands for $5 each, but she can make them in any size all the way up to adult. She was once approached to make a pink crown headband for a woman who had lost all of her hair due to chemo treatments. As a result, Vicki will make crown headbands free of charge for anyone battling cancer.

“The crown headband is my gift and tangible expression of love, prayers and hope.  Just let me know what size and what color is needed and I’ll make and mail them at my expense.”

Told ya. You have to come out to the Market and meet Vicki yourself.

See ya there!


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