Meet the Owner

Abby Taylor

Abby is a Church Pre-k Director and can still say that she is *mostly* sane. Yay! Her absolute favorite thing to do is having a seat on her porch with a big ol gallon of Milos sweet tea. Yeah, you read that right. A gallon. Moving on…….         Most days, she can be found hanging out on her farm with her main guy, Foley, going for hikes, petting him and telling him he’s a good boy. Oh, did we forget to mention Foley is a dog? Oops. Minor detail. Also, don’t tell her husband about the main guy bit, mmkay? He tends to be a bit jealous.                                                                                              Abby is an artist and is constantly creating. Like, she can’t even watch a TV show without getting out her glue gun and whipping something up. She is a HUGE supporter of handmade and is thrilled to run a business where this is at the forefront of their mission. Also, she’s pretty fun to hang out with but the BFF card has already been filled so you can’t promote higher than that. Sorry. She still REALLY likes you.

She is the storefront manager, graphics designer and display coordinator for Backroads Market.


You can contact Abby at backroadsmarketindiana@gmail.com.