Vendor Spotlight: 3 Chicks Fudgery

Fudge has been in Rachel Rainey’s family for three generations. Her grandmother made and sold fudge at the family apple orchard in Muncie, IN. Her mom owned a fudge store in Carmel, IN. About 5 years ago, Rachel  decided to give it a go herself.  Now she’s making the same fudge her grandmother made.  So … Read moreVendor Spotlight: 3 Chicks Fudgery

Vendor Spotlight: Inspirations Studio and Gift Shop

Jo Reynolds has always loved glassware and been fascinated with all processes used to create it. Her mother has worked with stained glass for years, so it’s no surprise that Jo’s creativity found that outlet as well. In November 2014 a college roommate invited Jo to go to a class at Minnetrista in Muncie to … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Inspirations Studio and Gift Shop

Vendor Spotlight-Steph Tanner, Art-Maker

Steph Tanner has always been an artist. Her paternal Grandmother was a talented seamstress as well as a fiber artist (she could knit, crochet, needlepoint) and she was hugely inspirational  to Steph as she grew up. Steph learned to sew when she was 12.  Throughout her life she has been a poet, a photographer, and … Read moreVendor Spotlight-Steph Tanner, Art-Maker

Vendor Spotlight: Rustic Rooster

Like many of our vendors, Michele Strotman began her business making Christmas gifts.  Two years ago, she needed gifts for her family and friends, so she made up a few products and Rustic Rooster was born. Michele says, “For the longest time, I told people I couldn’t draw a straight line.   Now, I can.”  … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Rustic Rooster

Vendor Spotlight: Unique Antiques Jewelry

Unique Antiques Jewelry started just before last Christmas. Jessica Grubb was a broke single mom of 3 trying to figure out how she was going to buy presents for her kids and still be able to give gifts to the rest of her family. She had seen spoon rings on Pinterest and loved them.  So this creative mama … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Unique Antiques Jewelry

Vendor Spotlight: Crosses by Eric

Eric Voyles makes dreamy crosses  in a little one bay garage in downtown Corydon.  And lucky you, he’s bringing them to Backroads Market in Leavenworth on October 7! It all started about 12 years ago with a little aluminum pocket cross that Eric received as a gift. He loved the gift, but  decided that if … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Crosses by Eric

Vendor Spotlight: Simple Gifts Toys

Hold on to your wallets, friends, you’re about to be wowed. Lisa McSpadden is a very local artisan.  Leavenworth is her hometown.  She’s also a homeschooling mama to two beautiful boys, which inspired her one-of-a-kind handmade toys.  In fact, she started making toys as a way to barter for diapers when her boys were small.  … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Simple Gifts Toys

Town Spotlight: Stephenson’s General Store

There’s been a general store at  618 State Road 62 in Leavenworth for 100 years.  It started out as Stephensons & Co, but the family who had owned it since 1917 had to close down in 2008. It might be a sad story if not for Tony and Judy Gallina.  They re-opened the store in 2010 … Read moreTown Spotlight: Stephenson’s General Store

Vendor Spotlight: Wired, Fired, and Vintage Inspired

Gloria Schotter has been an art fiend since she was a child. In her own words, “There is nothing better as a child than the smell of a new box if Crayola 64 with the sharpener in the side!” Backroads Market couldn’t agree more. As for making jewelry, it’s been a long journey with lots … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Wired, Fired, and Vintage Inspired

Vendor Spotlight: Metal Trends and Wooden Blends


Metal Trends and Wooden Blends is an artisan vendor appearing at Backroads Market on October 7, 2017 Mindy Bounds and her sister,  Marlie, create gorgeous metal and wood pieces that will have you drooling.  But when you hear the story of they got started, you’re going to love them even more.

Their mom’s death in 2013 ended their parents 44-year-long love story.   Their dad, Don Bounds, was at somewhat of a loss as to how to fill his time. In 2014, with his overabundance of time and his love of all things wood and metal, he came up with the ingenuity and creativity for Metal Trends & Wooden Blends as a way to fill his time and to spend some quality time with his daughters or “girls” as he called them.  In July of 2015,  Mindy and Marlie’s dad was tragically killed in a car crash but he had taught his girls enough of his MTWB “bag of tricks” that they opted to continue the business to keep his special blend of creativity alive.

Read moreVendor Spotlight: Metal Trends and Wooden Blends