We’re Freakin 14!

So, I’ve taken the enneagram at least 4 times. I was required to take it along with other staff members at my part-time job. I HATED it. I hated taking the test over and over and being asked a bajillion questions. Ugh. Make it stop. Another reason it got to me is thinking about the … Read more We’re Freakin 14!

Just Because You Build it Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Have you ever seen the movie, Field of Dreams? For the most part I think it’s pretty good but there’s an iconic line in this movie that just frustrates the everlovin’ crap out of me. If you build it, they will come. Okay, I get it. It’s a movie about a guy building a baseball … Read more Just Because You Build it Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Who Needs Salad?!

Feedback. Glorious, wonderful feedback. Okay, that was said in a sarcastic tone but feedback really can be fabulous and wonderful if done in the right way. I recently had a conversation with someone that I believe was meant to be a helpful teaching moment to better me in certain areas. Y’all. It wasn’t helpful. It … Read more Who Needs Salad?!

I’m not squeezing your pig

So I’m standing in this store and I’m waiting. And waiting. and- YES! There’s someone (I yell in my head). Annnnnddddd……nope. They turn a corner quickly to do who knows what. The only thing I know for sure is that they are not here to ring up my super important ceramic llama. Yeah, you heard. It’s … Read more I’m not squeezing your pig

It’s going to be SOOOO Good

Have you ever had a moment where you knew, just KNEW that you’d be great at something?   I’ve always felt like I would kill it- like *ahem*(said in my deep narrator voice) *total annihilation* kind of kill it in a donut eating contest. Throw some bacon on there and I can see the tiara … Read more It’s going to be SOOOO Good

Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Peas

Vicki Lindgren has been sewing since the age of 15.  She made nearly all of the clothing for her three daughters as they were growing up as well as her own.  Having learned to do English smocking when her girls were small, she continued the tradition by making lots of clothing for her grandchildren. When … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Sweet Peas

Vendor Spotlight: The Mustard Seed

The Mustard Seed Candles began as maker Sheila Hood’s expression of gratitude to God after her husband spontaneously and uncharacteristically called in to work one day seven years ago. An explosion on that very day left two of his long time co-workers dead and temporarily shut down the company. Sheila’s mother encouraged her to pray … Read more Vendor Spotlight: The Mustard Seed

Vendor Spotlight: Mr. Woodburner

Kurt Huntley received his first woodburning kit from his grandmother for his 8th Christmas, but the story didn’t have a happy ending. When Kurt burned his twin’s ear with the woodburner, his kit was confiscated by the grownups. Over a decade later, a trip to Gatlinburg renewed Kurt’s interest in woodburning, thanks to an artist … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Mr. Woodburner

Vendor Spotlight: Fox & Flora

Ashton Boehman creates art on the daily.  She’s working on her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, so though she started out making soaps as a hobby, she has dreams of becoming even more of a presence at markets and festivals when she graduates.  Combining her soap-making skills with her art is sure to guarantee her … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Fox & Flora

Vendor Spotlight: Diann Parr

Diann Parr sold her family-owned and -operated business, Hometown Gift & Variety, in March of this year, but she’s bringing everything she learned in the business to her Market creations. Diann made crafts to sell in the store, and now that she is ‘retired,’ she continues to craft with her sister, Tammy. “Now we have … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Diann Parr