Vendor Spotlight: Righteous Branch Soapworks

Making soap is Kathy Morgan’s happy place.  “Having my own business helps me to actually relax sometimes,” she says. “I work full time and then come home to make my product, which is a lot of fun.” Righteous Branch offers more than soap, though.  They also offer bug spray, room/air fresheners, bath & shower bombs, … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Righteous Branch Soapworks

Vendor Spotlight: P3-Pretty Practical Pottery

Rella Tower and her sister always wanted to do pottery, so Rella took the steps to learn how.  As Rella got better at her craft, she started giving away many of the pieces she made. “People can only take so much of my works,” she tells us, “so I decided to try selling last year … Read moreVendor Spotlight: P3-Pretty Practical Pottery

Vendor Spotlight: Anne Reinhardt Scott

Ladies, are you ready for this?  *queue cheer music* Anne Reinhardt Scott makes absolutely divine bags from recycled or upcycled burlap, jute, and hemp. She says, “The first time I saw a coffee bag, I noticed the amazing art and appreciated the strength” of the materials. She began to explore uses such as farmer’s market … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Anne Reinhardt Scott

Vendor Spotlight: Cathy’s Custom Metalwork

Cathy Crossley is one creative lady.  She started out making wood crafts, but then she realized she could do something more unique. Cathy turned her imagination toward metal, and some truly incredible art has come from it. Cathy is inspired by nature, and you can tell from her products that animals are high on her … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Cathy’s Custom Metalwork

Vendor Spotlight: Willow Ridge Wood Products

Fortunately for us, Jaime Gaines’ husband runs a lumber business. Why is that so fortunate? Well, it led to Jaime starting Willow Ridge.  She looked at all that lumber her man was constantly getting rid of, and had a light bulb moment. “Hey,” she told him, “I think I could make some money out of … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Willow Ridge Wood Products

Vendor Spotlight: Designs by Dawn

Dawn Conard started her jewelry business by making clip-on jewelry for purses. She called them Purse Bling and began selling them at her local farmer’s market in 2012. As happens so often when a talented person starts creating, one thing led to another. Now Dawn upcycles vintage watches & jewelry into timeless pieces that are … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Designs by Dawn

Vendor Spotlight: RosieJean’s Sweet Tea & Jesus

Kylee Julius named her inspiring business after her two biggest supporters.  RosieJean is an amalgamation of her grandparents’ names. “They are the sole reason I am the person I am today and I wanted to honor them,” she says. “I miss them and love them so, so much.” Kylee started her business with her husband … Read moreVendor Spotlight: RosieJean’s Sweet Tea & Jesus

Vendor Spotlight: Cut From the Same Cloth

Christy Libbert and her dear friend, Amanda, worked together for several years in hospital administration before they decided to start a boutique. Both women had to dress nice for work and loved boutique clothing. It didn’t take them long to decide they wanted to create a business where they could share their unique style at … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Cut From the Same Cloth

Vendor Spotlight: The Sweatt Shop

The Sweatt Shop features absolutely adorable pillows and pillow covers, baby blankets, bags, and minky bunnies, and it all started with a beginner’s sewing machine and the need for some pillows. Rebecca Sweatt had some leftover fabric from that personal project, so she made a couple more and listed them for sale online. “They sold instantly!” … Read moreVendor Spotlight: The Sweatt Shop

Vendor Spotlight: Nana’s Aromas

Ann Applegate has loved candles and their scents since she wasy very young.  “There’s just something about making your home smell wonderful,” she says. “Fragrances can take you back to a place in your past with just the first smell….walking in the door at Mammaw’s to smell her apple pie baking….helping Mom make her cinnamon … Read moreVendor Spotlight: Nana’s Aromas