Vendor Spotlight: Hoosier Sugar Daddy

Eric Enk has been making pure maple syrup on his family farm for years, but it wasn’t until a customer at his day job asked if he could make hickory syrup that he realized flavored syrups could be his thing. His first happy customer said that hickory syrup was the best she’d ever had. He … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Hoosier Sugar Daddy

Vendor Spotlight: Gypsy and the Dog

Kris Bustin has been in the antiques business for decades.  In fact, she’s had a booth at an antique mall for all that time besides participating in markets like Backroads. Gypsy and the Dog grew out of Kris’s desire to learn how to make cool clothes for herself. She had a ton of vintage concert … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Gypsy and the Dog

Vendor Spotlight: Forston Farms

Bob Forston has always had a curiosity of honeybees. He read and researched them and became fascinated with all things bees, so much so that he got two hives of his own. He gradually increased that number, but that first year the Forston honey harvest was 13 pints. Friends and family quickly took those and … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Forston Farms

Vendor Spotlight: Sis & Birdie

Carly Young-Bolander started Sis & Birdie last year after her father passed away.  It was an emotional outlet as well as a way to take her mind off things.  Eventually, her mom got involved and it became an outlet for both of them.  Nowadays Mom is just as passionate about the business as Carly. Carly … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Sis & Birdie

Vendor Spotlight: Glassy Creations

“Crafting is relaxing for me,” Margie Delph says.  “I love junking to find unique or pretty items to use.” And we love her for loving it.  Because she makes some of the cleverest, most beautiful garden art we’ve ever seen. Glassy Creations started out of Margie’s love of crafting for herself.  She had a collection … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Glassy Creations

Vendor Spotlight: BaerDen Primitives

The cute name is because Vivian Baer is the artist behind BaerDen Primitives, and when we say artist, we mean Holy Wow! Vivian has been making BaerDen Primitives products since 2008. In 2015, she started doing open air events, festivals and farmers markets full time to make up the finances her lost when her husband … Read more Vendor Spotlight: BaerDen Primitives

Vendor Spotlight: Wired, Fired, and Vintage Inspired

Gloria Schotter has been an art fiend since she was a child. In her own words, “There is nothing better as a child than the smell of a new box if Crayola 64 with the sharpener in the side!” Backroads Market couldn’t agree more. As for making jewelry, it’s been a long journey with lots … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Wired, Fired, and Vintage Inspired

Vendor Spotlight: Heart of Glass by Jan

Jan Ashabranner has been a maker all her life.  But it wasn’t until last year when she visited a market herself that she found her true calling.  Lucky for us art-loving buyers, she saw someone at that market making art from broken glass.  After watching for a few minutes, she realized she could make art … Read more Vendor Spotlight: Heart of Glass by Jan